NO.1 marine rubber air bag marine airbag in china

NO.1 marine rubber air bag marine airbag in china


According to its innovative technology, Sinooutput designed and manufactured

a new type of high strength marine air bag, which provides the most effective

protection for the air bag launching process of large ships. Practice has proved

that with the high strength of the heavy load of the design of the airbag is successful,

more than 5000 tons of ship using the air bag is completely feasible. The use of

ship launching with airbags is an innovati- ve technology with independent intellectual

property rights, is a promising new technology, it overcomes the defects of small and

medium-sized shipyard shipbuilding capacity restricted by the slide, slide and other

traditional crafts, by the shipbuilding industry welcome because it has the characteristic

of less in- vestment and quick, safe and reliable.

Main technical parameters:

  1.5x12m 1.8x20m
pressure range 0.05-0.08mpa 0.08-0.1mpa
load weight >150T >300T
thinckness 7 layers 8 layers
service life > 8 years >10 years


Production process:

From the following more than 12 process to produce the airbag, you will know how

Sinooutput control the quality, we are serious for each progress.

 NO.1 marine rubber air bag marine airbag in china


Airbag construction:



Succeed application show:

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